Portfolio Activity 3: Website Review

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia

The resources used in this website are sound and reliable, for instance, there are picture of the actual news and a text version of the news in order to be read more easily under the Explore Advertisement. The purpose of this website is to show captured slaves and servants in 18th and 19th century in Virginia. I think the overall website addresses this purpose well.

However, this news part has a timeline limitation because it does not include any ads since 1810s. Furthermore, the news part is also lack of comprehensiveness. For instance, there are slavery ads from September to December of 1736, but no ads from January to August. In addition, the typesetting is not very proper and personal profile part is still under construction. However, this website has its advantage. All resources are well-organized and easy to find. Each category is labeled clearly for users to navigate their resources. In addition, it allows users to search for slavery by name, sex, age, and skills.

Freedom On the Move

The home page looks very appealing and attractive for users. The purpose of this website is to show the movement of enslaved people and their lives. An abundant resources base is an important feature of this website, and all 22234 advertisements is easy to access once the users search it by four categories, which is advertisement, runaway, slaver, and runaway event. However, I was confused of where to find actual content when I first look through the website, then I realized I need to sign in order to get access to advertisement. Another drawback is that some picture of advertisement is hard for users to read because the original content looks destroyed. This website is made for everyone, especially scholars, students, and citizen historians, and I think it satisfy their needs.

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