Portfolio Activity 2: Create Two Items with Complete Metadata

I created one text item based on the resource I used for portfolio 1. When I was creating the item for it, I got confused filing the Dublin Core. I don’t really know the different between types and format of the resource, neither nor the relation part. However, the website http://dublincore.org/documents/dces/ helped me a lot to understand the definition and what I should write under each category. The second item I created was which was a Thomas Jefferson’s portrait, the process of creating this item went smoother. Especially after I found there is metadata provided by the original website. And lastly, I read the text and add annotations, I also used the highlight tool to mark some texts.

Item 1: http://shuyizhang.com/omeka/items/show/1

Item 2: http://shuyizhang.com/omeka/items/show/2

Exhibit: http://shuyizhang.com/omeka/exhibits/show/thomas-jefferson-s-attitude-to/from-thomas-jefferson-to-briss

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