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Portfolio Activity 1: Research Process Journaling

My original research question is about the impact of slavery in the southern United States. After I searched it in both and Google Scholar, I found that there are many secondary resources that can answer this question, but primary resources were what I need. Then, I decided to modify my research question.

Since Thomas Jefferson is an important figure in American slavery history, I googled him and slavery, after reading some articles. I changed my research question to what was Thomas Jefferson’s attitude towards slavery. Then, I began to search the answer in MSU’s online library, Google Scholar, DPLA. In order to find a good primary resource among variety resources, I checked the date and author when I first looked into them. Especially date, resources that was beyond that time period. After that, I briefly read the content and annotation to see if it really answers my research question.

 Soon, I found a document called From Thomas Jefferson to Brissot De Warville, 11 February 1788. In this document, Thomas Jefferson wrote “I am very sensible of the honour you propose to me of becoming a member of the society for the abolition of the slave trade. You know that nobody wishes more ardently to see an abolition not only of the trade but of the condition of slavery: and certainly nobody will be more willing to encounter every sacrifice for that object”. From this document, it was clear that Thomas Jefferson held a positive attitude towards abolition of slave trade.